Tumalo Community Plan (TCP) Active Transportation Update


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Thank you for providing input on draft concepts for improving walking, biking, and transit in Tumalo in the virtual open house. The last day to submit feedback to the virtual open house was Monday, October 24th. You can still view the virtual open house using the link below. CLICK HERE to view the Tumalo Active Transportation Virtual Open House

What will this project accomplish

• Review state, regional, and local plans regarding active transportation (bicycle, pedestrian, and transit) for relevant goals, policies, and objectives

• Identify gaps in the Tumalo bicycle and sidewalk system

• Reach out to Tumalo residents and business owners regarding active transportation needs

• Recommend improvements to infrastructure to support active modes of transportation within Tumalo, including transit access

• Create a list of needed active transportation projects in Tumalo with an accompanying map

• Provide materials and exhibits for amendments to the Tumalo Community Plan and County Transportation System to implement the suggested recommendations for active transportation

Why is it important

The Tumalo Health Impact Assessment was completed in 2008, the Tumalo Community Plan was adopted in 2010, and the County's Transportation Systems Plan in 2012. Since those planning documents were adopted, Tumalo has seen significant changes as numerous artisan businesses have sprung up featuring handcrafted beverages, organic products, two food cart pods, and a wellness clinic. Tumalo continues to transition from an agricultural hamlet into an active community center.

Other notable changes in Tumalo include a State Scenic Bikeway (Twin Bridges route) which traverses Tumalo’s core; development of connection between Riley Ranch Reserve to Tumalo State Park. Cascades East Transit’s recent 2040 Master Plan identifies Tumalo as a future area to serve given the community’s growth. Finally, the northwest boundary of the Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization now extends into Tumalo’s core.

An updated active transportation element of the Tumalo Community Plan will support a vibrant, livable community with increased transportation choices.

How to stay involved

Additional opportunities for input will be available through the course of the update, including another public events and coordination with a community advisory committee. Please check back for more information or CLICK HERE to sign up for updates.