Rogue Valley Active Transportation Plan


Active transportation includes walking, traveling with a mobility aid, biking, and using other wheeled devices like skateboards, and includes accessing transit using one of these modes. The Rogue Valley Active Transportation Plan (RVATP) will identify regional active transportation routes within the Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) that connect communities, transit, and other places where people live, work, and play. The RVATP aims to identify missing links and barriers between key destinations and develop ideas to make connections that will further opportunities for walking and biking in the Rogue Valley.


The Rogue Valley recognizes the benefits of having safe, comfortable, and well-connected active transportation networks. Making it easier to walk and bike to reach destinations will help bring more people to these places and create a safe environment for everyone. Creating active transportation networks is vital for making the valley safer and more accessible to residents, employees and visitors. Improving active transportation options also help the entire transportation system perform better. This is particularly important as more people move to the region. Planning for the future will help meet the needs of the current population and accommodate future growth.

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