Pleasant Valley TSP Refinement


The City of Gresham is beginning a process to review the transportation facilities in the Pleasant Valley Transportation System Plan (TSP) with primary focus on determining how the system can function adequately in the future. Alternatives that include and exclude a potential new arterial extension of SE 174th Avenue to connect between SE Giese Road and SE Jenne Road will be analyzed to understand the impacts of that connection on the overall function of the Pleasant Valley street network. The SE 174th Avenue extension was originally identifed in the planning for the Powell-Foster corridors and is included in the current Metro Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) project list.

A preferred alternative will be incorporated into an updated Pleasant Valley TSP and identify the long-term vision for the area as well as near-term solutions to address community concerns and support growth of the area. In addition, it will identify how improvements can be phased and their costs, right-of-way needs, and impacts.


Pleasant Valley is growing and developing. Hundreds of acres are planned for annexation into the City of Gresham. Additionally, Happy Valley is growing to the south, with a number of developments underway. Current and forecasted growth will increase traffic volumes and increase pressure on roads in Pleasant Valley. It is important to proactively plan for the future now.

Over the past several years, community groups in the Pleasant Valley area have expressed concern about the 174th Extension and its viability due to topographical constraints and potential impacts to the natural and neighborhood environment.

More information about the schedule for upcoming meetings and the results of past meetings is found on the Meetings page.

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