Eloy Main Street Improvement Project

The Main Street improvement project is intended to provide operational and streetscape improvements to Main Street between Frontier Road and Battaglia Drive. The total length of the project is approximately ¾ mile. The improvements to Main Street will include modifying the roadway cross section to enhance pedestrian and bicycle facilities including improved sidewalks and crosswalks, reducing through lanes and providing a median, and improve access and on street parking. A landscape and hardscape theme will be developed and coordinated with the surrounding corridor context to promote economic and community development. Main Street is intended to be a low speed, local roadway that will connect to, but will not function as, routes of regional significance, as defined in area planning studies.

The Main Street improvement project is a federally funded project that will be guided by the City of Eloy and administered by Arizona Department of Transportation. As federal funds are being used, the project is required to complete the local public agency process which includes the following tasks: - Scoping and Design Concept Phase - Environmental Clearance Phase - Utility and Right of Way Clearance - Staged Design Submittals - Construction Phase.