US 30 & Columbia Blvd / St Helens Street Corridor Master Plan

The purpose of this project is to create plans for the US 30, and Columbia Blvd / St Helens Street and Old Towne/1st Street corridors that reflect the community’s vision of how these areas should appear and function in the future, and to determine how the plans can be implemented. The Plans will focus primarily on how the major streets and intersections in these areas are designed and improved over time to ensure that vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians have ready access to local businesses and can travel safely and comfortably within and between these different parts of town. The plans must will be adopted as an addendum to the City’s 2011 Transportation System Plan (TSP) and Comprehensive Plan along with other necessary amendments to the Development Code to guide how the City develops and how the funds for identified capital improvements are allocated.

St. Helens residents, workers and business owners will have a variety of opportunities to participate in this process, including through meetings with business owners, a citizens advisory committee and a series of community meetings. More information about the schedule for upcoming meetings and the results of past meetings is found on the Meetings page Meetings. You can also provide comments via the Project Map page Project Map.