2018 Billings Urban Area Long Range Transportation Plan

Help plan the future of transportation in your community!

FINAL 2018 Billings Urban Area Long Range Transportation Plan -- Please access the FINAL 2018 Billings Urban Area Long Range Transportation Plan HERE.

What: The Yellowstone County Planning Board is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and oversees transportation planning for the Billings Urban Area. The study area encompasses the City of Billings and a planning area extending approximately 4.5 miles outside the City limits. The MPO is preparing a long range transportation plan (LRTP) to address all transportation forms and elements (streets and highways, public transit and transportation, freight, pedestrian and bicycle, safety, and security) and meet the local, state, and federal requirements.

Why: MPOs are required to update their transportation plans every four years. The last plan update was in 2014. Through this effort and with your input, we will identify effective ways to build upon our existing transportation system and make strong investments for the future that provide transportation choices for the community.

How: The LRTP includes technical work (data gathering, future growth projections, assessment of auto, truck, rail, transit, air, pedestrian, and bicycle modes), identification of short and long range transportation projects, and development of a final plan for review and comment. Additionally, the process includes continuous opportunities for the public to provide comments and participate in the development of this community plan.

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