Gambell Street Redevelopment Plan

The Gambell Street Redevelopment Project was conducted in the summer of 2013 to identify and evaluate improvements that will improve the Gambell Street Corridor's efficiency, appearance, and pedestrian and business friendliness. It resulted in the Gambell Street Redevelopment and Implementation Plan, which can be reviewed on the Project Documents tab.
This page also provides links to other documents prepared throughout the project, as well as supplemental analyses conducted to support the findings of the Plan - specifically the recommendation to convert Gambell Street to a three-lane cross-section between 3rd Avenue and 15th Avenue.

Input from the public, businesses, residents, and property owners was critical to the project. Thank you to all who attended the Project Charette from May 21st - May 23rd or who weighed in on the Virtual Open House! Copies of the presentations from the Charette can be found on the Public Involvement tab.