Project Documents

Long Range Transportation Plans

Anchorage 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (8 MB)

Fairbanks Metro 2035 (9 MB)

Fairbanks Metro 2035 - Executive Summary (4 MB)

Communities in Motion Brochure

Example brochure handed out to the public. This brochure contained a program guide, map of proposed improvements, and interactive CD

Corridor Plans

Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan (12 MB)

Russell Street Traffic Analysis Update (8 MB)

State Road 50 Multi-Modal Corridor Study (7 MB)

State Street Transit and Traffic Operational Plan (12 MB)

US 2 - Badrock Canyon Corridor Planning Study (5 MB)

Non-Motorized Plans

FMATS Bikeways Map (4 MB)

FMATS Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (12 MB)